Old Lilacs

Old Lilacs
A 5"x5" oil painting done in 2012

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Still enjoying the bigger paintings

Leaf Study
After all the years of painting almost exclusively miniatures, the wonderful freedom of painting bigger has still got me captivated.  I'm busy exploring what does and doesn't look okay with the birds' portraits, and while I'm exploring I'm just playing with lots of color.  For right now, color play is the name of the day.
Lace 'n Roses


  1. I love Lace 'n Roses !!! You have always done such beautiful roses and the little white sprigs just enhances everything. I have always planted white flowers
    amongst my colored ones - they seems to make everything else pop. And I like to see your work in these bigger sizes - more to enjoy !! A couple of years ago I had you paint me 3 different pieces in larger sizes - a quail in lantanas, a hummingbird in honeysuckle and a squirrel in an apple blossom tree............the details are awesome, and because of that, they're all my

    1. I've lost more of my eyesight since I painted those for you too, and I just now found out that painting bigger it makes it much worse. It's back to small or I have to quit painting altogether. The smaller stuff doesn't force my eyes to jerk back and forth so far between painting, reference materials and palette.
      The little sculptures like what you have and what I'm doing now are drastically different in the painting style and how they're made. In my humble opinion, they're now better quality, with much better painting because of the paints used. This artist is finally satisfied with the quality of the work. I'm considering selling these birds through Artfire. Can't stand Etsy, and not really all that sure about Ebay these days. Am looking into it. Need a new site for selling sculptures.