Old Lilacs

Old Lilacs
A 5"x5" oil painting done in 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some 5 x 5 Songbird Paintings-and a handsome little quail

Flower Power

Feather Flowers

Dainty Does It
On Fire

Misty Field of Lavender

Here are some 5x5 paintings that have been sold recently.  I normally paint about 3 or 4 paintings every day, and all of them are either ACEO (art trading card) size or 5"x5".  Most of my inspiration comes from the chattering outside my windows and from the gardens where I spend many hours with my camera.  Birds are my favorite subject to paint, as once I paint their eyes so they can see, they begin to sing to me too.  

I love to share my work, and am hoping you enjoy it too.