Old Lilacs

Old Lilacs
A 5"x5" oil painting done in 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been busy moving for the last few weeks, and boy has it been the hardest move of my life!  We're trying to downsize from a 4 bedroom house, to a one bedroom, but then we've decided to take the plunge and move ourselves into an RV instead!  Thought a rented studio space would work for me, but have found that my best paintings come to me in the middle of the night, and working during those hours in this big, antique building downtown had way too many bangs, thumps and squeaks for me to feel comfortable sitting there painting at night, so now I'm moving my studio back home again.  Hmmm....  Home.  Studio.  In a travel travel?  Let's see...

 I felt a wild need to go back to painting something a little more "mechanical" for a few days.  Inspiration needed to come from my camera, 'cause putting together an attractive bird composition from my head wasn't working while I'm busy inventing ways to reconfigure a functional studio space.
So here's the two paintings that have been born during the turmoil with the downsizing.  I had so much fun painting these though, that I've decided I need to do more of them and so need to dig out my lighting equipment to do more serious work with the photos first.

Tomorrow though, the birds are singing outside my beautiful new home and I'm feeling the calling to get back to doing their little portraits again.

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